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You know why some people are so messed up and mean or cruel. Well they are because they play video games. Yes that’s right, video games. Plain old video games. I got three reasons why video games are bad for you. Those reasons are Health Issues, Grouchiest and edictation. So sit back and listen.Health IssuesFirst off, playing too many video games can cause loss of vision, decreased mental ability and aggression due to violent scenes or scenes found in video games. So this means people could become blind or could be disabled. If I were you, I would just stick to board games. Playing too many video games can also cause you to have insomnia. Which is when it’s hard for you too fall asleep or stay asleep and it could have a major toll on your health. Did you know you can stay healthy with 8 hours of sleep instead of  5 hours.  “Video game addicts who devote every waking hour to their video games are living an inactive lifestyle. Sitting or lying down all day playing video games, combined with sleep deprivation and poor eating habits is a dangerous combination that can lead to stroke, heart disease and hypertension.” States That doesn’t sound good to me and I would hope not for you. Video games are not the real world so why bring them into the world. You should know how to deal with situations in the real world not in video games. states that “A person has become so obsessed with video games, their failures and pressure to achieve their goals within the video game cause excessive amounts of stress.”  Stress that’s why people usually call you grouchy. People can become worked up with themselves and have a possibility of having an anxiety attack. Many people think video games are an outlet to get rid of feelings, sorry to ruin your moment of happiness,  but it’s not. It’s a way to collect anger and stress and then you usually let it out on other people. Stress  can be good for you, but in this way it’s not. I don’t about you but I don’t really like being stressed. To sum it up, if kids play to many  video games they will have poor social skills, time away from family, lower grades, less sleep and aggressive behaviors.  Aggressive behaviors, that’s probably why there’s so much fighting in New York City. Most kids will tend to not interact with others due to the video games they play. EdictationYou may think not many people play video games but “9 out of 10 children play video games and that’s about 64 million children” as stated by a TFP Student Action video. That’s not good 9 out of 10 children play video games. So that’s saying 1 child out 10 will be healthy, which is pretty sad. Elizabeth Woolley from Online Gamers Anonymous states that “In 2000, my son Shawn became addicted to an online video game called Everquest. Within three months he quit his job, got evicted from his home, and was up all night playing. Despite our efforts to help him get his life back together, he committed suicide only a year and a half after being introduced to the game.” YIKES  I wouldn’t want to play that game, Everquest ever if I were you. This is our world, people committing suicide. After that, barely any video games are educational. Most video games are about or have themes of: “Killing people or animalsThe use and abuse of drugs and alcoholCriminal behavior, disrespect for authority and the lawRacial, sexual, and gender stereotypesfoul language, obscenities, and obscene gestures”States aacap. No wonder there’s people and animal abuse going on in the world and a lot of crime happening. I mean around 95 percent of kids play video games. Opponents may say video games video games can feel like a sense of accomplishment. Well in my personality I think video games is a way to collect anger and always stress. Some people say when you win your happy but really that just pushes you to play more video games since you won.I hope this is enough for you to stop playing video games but if I were you I would stop playing. This is why I told you my three reasons, Health Issues, Grouchiest and edictation. Like I said you should think about sticking to board games.

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