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What do you think of when you hear the name, Walt Disney? Leader, role model, Mickey Mouse, Disneyland and Disney World? Well, what you might not have known is Walt Disney did not take the easy path to get the top. He encountered numerous, obstacles along the way, yet those obstacles made Walt Disney who we love and adore today!    Walt Disney started off his career with Laugh-o-Grams, which he started with a friend. Laugh-o-Grams did okay for his first production, yet he didn’t have the fire to go out and pursue the Laugh-o-Grams. This sadly went to bankruptcy, leaving Walt with nothing. Walt Disney, yet again made another short film named Alice, luckily a New York distributor took a chance on Walt. After signing with the New York distributor Walt introduced a new character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This new character became a hit, because of how well Oswald was doing the distributor double crossed Walt. Now all the rights to Walt’s newest short filmed no longer were legally his. Walt now has no distributor, no money, now short films that belong to him, and maybe no hope left. Deciding not to give up Walt, managed to produce another character, Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse became even more of a success the Oswald. A new distributor named Pat Powers came and signed with Walt. Powers did not double-cross him, but took gigantic cuts from Walt, sometimes leaving him with barely any money. Desperately searching for money, he went to Columbia Pictures about his newest invention Silly Symphonies. After signing with Columbia pictures money started to come Walt’s way, especially after Columbia Pictures bought the rights to Mickey Mouse from Powers.     Not learning his lesson on saving money Walt, produced a new animation called Snow White. The public loved this new and invented animation with a prince, a princess, and seven little dwarfs. This film allowed him to earn enough money to buy him and his employees a new workspace in California.

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