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The functional perspective assumes the societal character to have positive consequences because it shows how this society works being a blind man some people would care or worry not. The functional perspective, it shows how the society treats people when people make more money it means power. People will love or respect you; however, if you were poor, blind, sick, people would not care about you unless they are gaining something from the poor. The sociology book chapter eight explain about the functional perspective theorist further argue that because racial and ethnic minorities typically possess few job skills, have little education, and are not sophisticated in the ways of American culture (curry, Jiobu, schwirian 2012).

The blind man is a social experiment staged to see whether people would take advantage of a blind man and it been revealed as a test. It turns out the experiment is a test to check the people honesty and loyalty. The people who appear in the clip seem to be telling the truth, some people were dishonesty, and stole money from the blind man are a liar. Few people put into a predicament because they could either tell Gee, that he had mistakenly handed them a 50-dollar note. Some people could be dishonest and attempt to dupe him, either by giving him the change and wandering off with a $45 dollar profit. The irony is that there are indeed people who are out there to take advantage of a fellow human being. There are some good people out to do the right thing. I watched the video I noticed some

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People were polite and took their time to help the blind man. There were some people were selfish that never took their time and they lied about change, they try to take blind man money and flee out.  


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