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                  Research has found that levels of
obesity are on the increase not just in children, youths but also in adult.
Obesity is an overweight and is condition that occurs when the weight of
affected individuals is not proportionate to his age and height. Obesity is as
result of the body accumulating excess fat to the extent that it triggers
negative effect on health. Humans
are considered obese when the Body Mass Index is over 30 kg/m2. Body mass index is simply dividing the person weigh by the
square of his height. (NHS United Kingdom), indicates that is prevalent
problem in UK, with estimated figure of one in every adult and around one in
every child aged 10-11, that 25-29.9 kg/m2 is overweight, 30-39.9 as Obese
while 40 and above as severely Obese. This essay would evaluate reasons behind obesity
and implication of the trend if left uncurbed.

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                  Obesity is complex, varied
and covers wide spectrum of disturbances in severity. Research indicates that
common causes of obesity in humans includes but not limited to Calories content
in the body system, lack of physical exercise, Poor dieting, Medical conditions
and Genetics. It is common phenomenon that teenagers tend to add extra weight
at very young age to the extent that stopping or controlling it when there are
adult seems difficult but not impossible.

is not uncommon to notice within our community that fast food has replaced the
healthy eating pattern and at the same time not having regular physical
exercise added salt to the injury. Adult and children prefer junk food such as
pizzas and burgers over healthy food, salads and fruits.


                Obesity is serious threat to
human existence, as it can give rise to many diseases and sicknesses. As par
field of psychology, obesity can cause both physical and psychological problems.
If we talk a walk today within our schools and colleges we would experience
youth and children with low self-esteem due to the way they look. They would
tend to avoid other children with the fear of being laugh about. The trend
would continue through to their adolescence age, with the fear that they won’t
be loved by their parents, colleagues and pupils, some end up committing
suicide. Apart from so mentioned there are inherent case that obesity is
associated with diseases such as high Cholesterol, cardinal diseases, stroke, breast cancer, bowel cancer, Diabetes
2 and finally psychological problem like depression.


               The energy content of food is
measured in calories. Research and (NHS UK) indicates that average physical man
needs about 2500 calories to live healthy, and that the average physical woman
needs about 2000 calories a day to live healthy. While this amount is quite
high but certain kind of food like fries, hamburgers, pizzas, fast food and
milkshakes contains quite lots of calories that regular and uncontrolled intake
of it makes its easy to reach the said amount. The implication is that if this
trend is left uncontrolled then the body would store the excess calories as
glycogen to be used later and when the body don’t use it as more are regularly
deposited in the body in daily basis then the excess would immediately be
transferred to the liver, muscles and fat cells and after effect is weight


             Having regular physical exercise
is needed to maintain healthy living, as exercise helps to burn down the excess
calories within the body system. An average human being need two kinds of
physical exercise

             to stay and live healthy. These

Aerobic exercise: (NHS
UK and department of health) recommends that adult ages 19-64 should do at
least 150 minutes weekly of Moderate aerobic exercise such as Brisk walking,
riding bike, hiking, volley and basketball. 
This would help to raise the heart rate, making one to breath faster and
feeling warmer 

Exercise: (NHS
UK) suggest that muscles strength exercise such as bicep curl, sit up, lifting
weight and Running is necessary for daily movement, building and maintaining
strong bones, regulating of blood sugar and blood pressure and height weight.

implication of not having regular exercise is that excess calories that body
gained and stored previously as glycogen if not burn out through physical
exercise end up being stored in the body as fat with the end resulting to


Poor Dieting is another cause of obesity, it is not trend that develop
overnight, it is gradual process that develop over time due to poor eating
habits, diets and life choices. Research indicates that cause is obesity maybe
as result of the kind of food that we eat. For example, eating large quantity
of fast food that is high in fat and sugar, drinking of too much alcohol,
eating of too much sugary contents and eating more than the body need. The Implication
is that poor dieting would result to the food being stored in our body system
as fat, side effect being obesity.


condition is another cause of obesity in some people, underlying medical
condition can result to weight gain and obesity. These Include:

 Failure of the body to
produce enough hormones thus making weight gain possible and causing depression

Syndrome: Medical disorder as result of the body
producing excess steroid hormone than the body need, thus causing weight gain,
muscle or bone weakness., ETC

Medication used in treatment of inflammation and autoimmune conditions,
research indicate that excess usage can result to side effect being weight

Medication used in treatment of long time mental health conditions, side
effect may result to weight gain.

 However, while this medical condition poses severe
problem to person affected but it can be diagnosed and treated and pose less of
challenge to weigh lose.


             Some people claimed that there is
no need to lose weight due to Genetically condition that runs within family,
that there is no need to lose weight due to hereditary trait. While research
indicate that rare condition such as Prader Willi Syndrome.  It is rare genetic condition that causes wide
spectrum of disturbance in severity and mode such as exercise appetite and over
eating, resultant factor being overweight. While there is no doubt that certain
hereditary trait can make losing weight difficult, but research indicate that
it is not practically impossible to lose weight. Resent research and study have
proved other wise that hereditary over weight individuals can as well lose




Obesity is trend that is currently
in increase within our society as result of lack of exercise, poor dieting,
Medical condition, Calories amount and finally Genetic. While there are genetic
conditions that can cause obesity such as Prader
Willi Syndrome that makes it difficult to lose weight, but research
indicate that is not practically impossible to lose weight








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