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the time, the world had evolved from simple to complex so as the organisms
living within it. In this light, man has also evolved from its apelike
ancestors over 60 million years. Furthermore, language which is the premier
tool for communication has also evolved; making it broadens its complex rules
for reasons of accuracy and precise effect. It is for this reason, that a
speaker must consider the specific language rules for him to be communicatively
competent in communication process. For example, the English language has
developed its rules: (Grammar 2006)

English grammar is a body of rules specifying exactly what sequence of marks
and sounds are correct in the English language. Many accurate grammar exist,
each describing a dialect or some portion of a dialect; some such
grammar are essentially natural, having formed overtime due to random
linguistic shift, while others have been subjected to some form of conscious
manipulation. In this light, supposed such contention is that, (Gats 1949) as
cited by (Berrowa 1998), who said that there is little justification for the
assumption of  sex difference in
capabilities of school achievements.

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is in content, (Kahayon and Aquino , 1999) said that studies have indicated
that girls baby talk earlier and that they have a wider vocabulary than boy
babies. This was negated by (Unlinger and Stephens 1960) as cited by (Berowa
1998), revealed that studying with students of high ability found that high and
low achievers are not differentiated by the strength of their needs for
recognition and affection but that high achievers are those who have greater
expectancy of success and higher goals as far as grades are concerned. These
trends are much clearer than boys rather than girls.

social and physical environment may also affect the learner in learning the
language. In this content, (Armstrong et al 1991) study the relationship
between the spoken language and teaching of reading at the University of
Michigan. Their study showed that when language of school instruction is
similar to the child’s spoken language, learning is hindered. In addition,
(Woolfolk 1987) listed verbal comprehension memory, recognition, ability to
visualize, spatial, spatial relationship, word fluency and perceptual speech as
the major mental abilities as determined by heredity, called polygenetic and
experience or environmental. Improved intelligence is through improved
nutrition, health care and social series.

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