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1.         Hands-on
Learning- The Montessori Education Program allows children to learn through
using all their senses. Hands-on activities actually influence children brains

2.         Freedom of
Choice- The Montessori Education Program allows children choices what they want
to learn. In the classrooms, children
work and learn at their own pace.

3.         Movement in
the Learning Environment- The Montessori Education Program classrooms are open
spaced rooms where children move freely all throughout the day.

4.         Multi-age
Learning Environment-In the Montessori Education Program classrooms children
group together of different age groups. Younger children follow in the academic footsteps
demonstrated by the older children.

5.         Socialization
Among Children- The Montessori Education Program promotes children learning and
helping one another. Learning and helping one another is a very valuable skill
to gain and use in society. 

6.         Prepared
Environment- In the Montessori Education Program classrooms, it is organized to promote learning.

7.         Stress and
Force Free Environment- The Montessori Education Program don’t force an
education on children. Children don’t have to deal with the stress of being
grade. Children learn without being pressure or stressed at own pace
interaction in the classroom.


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1.        Based on Constructivist-
The High Scope Program is based on the theories of Piaget and Vgotsky.

2.         Plan-do-review-
High Scope Program allows children to make plans of what they want to learn.
Then the class review the subject and last the children reflect on what they
have done with guides from an teacher.

3.        Teacher Observes
and Guides- The High Scope Program quest teahers to
observes and guides the learning experience of the children as the learn using materials
in the class room.

4.         Diversity Learning-
The High Scope Program is full of a lot different element to help children

5.         Daily Routine-
Even though the High Scope Program is not plan it follows a daily
routine which is an predictable.

6.         Free Planning
Environment- The High Scope Program quest
not planning. Children are free to decide.

7.         Linked
Areas- The High Scope Program classroom have linked areas, which are area for
groups of children to enjoy center actives like the listerning center, quite
center, art center, home and kictern ceneter and there are many more common areas
set up in the classroom.


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1.         Experience-based-
In Reggio Emilia program classrooms Students learn from in active rather than
listing and watching the teacher.

2.         Play based-
Reggio Emilia program focus on children learning from play time. It supports the idea playing is critical to a
children development.

3.         Follows the
Approach of Itself Rule-  Students in
Reggio Emilia program classrooms have little structure and are not forced to
learn. The children play with little guides from an educator.

4.         Children
Control Learning- Students in Reggio Emilia program classrooms decide what they
would like to learn and how long they will learn about the subject.

5.         Uses an
Atelierista- A trained educator in arts to work with children in a Reggio
Emilia program classroom.

6.         Colorful
Environment- The Reggio Emilia Program uses a lot of colors to enhance the

7.         Project-based-  In Reggio Emilia program classrooms children
participate in project based on what chose to learn.


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1         .Absolutely
free- The Head Start Program is for low-income families.

2.         Support for
children with disabilities-The Head Start Program welcomes all children of low-income
families even if the have a disability.

3.         Parent are
supported- The Head Start Program Help with job training, GED, health insurance,
and public benefits.

4.         Group
activities and socializing- The Head Start Program sets up activies in
the classroom and the community to promote socializing.

5.         Prenatal
support- Head Start Programs promotes healthy
prenatal outcomes. The program provides prenatal education for low-income

6.         Clean and
Safe Environment– Head Start Programs provide a safe and clean environment for
children can come a learning don’t matter of theier background.

7.         childcare
for infants- There are a lot of programs that do not accept infants but Head
Start do. 

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