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Convenience is a
condition where work load is easy, simplified and can be done with less effort,
without any difficulty or uneasiness. Convenience is a high need among
consumers where they have the ability to use their smartphone at anywhere and
anytime without having to set the smartphone in a fixed workplace (Imtiaz Arif
and Wajeeha Aslam, 2014). In this era, people always want things to be done at
the fingertips. Smartphone can help them to achieve this demand. Smartphone supplies
quick access of multiple products on multiple channels with higher level of
standard, effectiveness and personalization and can virtually do everything
that a laptop does (Imtiaz Arif and Wajeeha Aslam, 2014). A research by (Imtiaz
Arif and Wajeeha Aslam, 2014) found significant relationship between
convenience and the decision making of universities students to purchase


Product features
is an attribute of a product that can satisfy consumer’s needs and desires
through owing the product, applying and usage of a product (Azira Rahim, Siti
Zaharah Safin, Law Kuan Kheng, Nurliyana Abas, Siti Meriam Ali, 2015). Currently,
there are various high technology features of smartphones in the market.
However, different people choose different features of smartphones which can
meet their needs and wants. In recent times, consumer’s decision making on
buying smartphone are affected by good features, functionality and stylish
looks (Tanzila, Ali Akbar Sohail, Nazish Tanveer, 2015). A smartphone feature
includes hardware and software. Hardware is the description of a device that
can be physically touched such as body of smartphone, weight, size, design and
colour as well. Whereas software includes operating platform, application or
storage memory. Furthermore, computer programs, documentation and procedure
also can be classified as software. A research shows there is a significant
relationship between features and purchase decision of university students’
which it has a high mean of 3.4818. (Ling, Lim Phey and Lang,
Poon Khai and Fong, Tee Cai and Perinpajothi, Thamil Selvan, 2014). 

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