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body works as a bio filter which broadens the bacterial metabolism by growing
their population. It also grinds, aerate, crush, degrade the chemical and act
as genetic stimulator. Microscopic and vermi processes will instantaneously
work by treating the wastewater using earthworms. Effluent resulted will be enormously
rich in nutrition and can be reused as earthworms are adaptable waste water
eaters and decomposers. Earthworms have over 600 million years of
experience as ecosystem engineers. Vermiculture experts all over the world knew
about the role of earthworms as waste managers, as soil managers &
fertility reformers and plant growing agents for a long time. But nowadays they
are used in waste water treatment and contaminated soil remediation. 4


Earthworms are long, narrow, cylindrical,
bilaterally symmetrical, segmented animals having without bones. The body is
dark brown, glistening, and covered with delicate cuticle.

Usually the life span of an earthworm is about 3–7
years, depending upon the type of species and the ecological situation.
Earthworms harbour millions of nitrogen fixing and decomposer microbes in their

They have chemoreceptors which aid in search of
food. Their body contains  65%  protein 
(contains  70–80%  high 
quality  lysine  rich 
protein),  14%  fats, 
14%  carbohydrates,  and  3%  ashes. Earthworms are commonly inattentive or
rare in soil with a very granular texture and high clay content or soil with

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