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Africa began
to get colonized from approximately the 1800s. The coastal areas were the first
the Europeans took control of; South Africa was obviously one of them. It was
probably one of the countries that was hit the worst by the colonisation.
Especially in later years between 1948 and 1994 when apartheid was a massive
thing in South Africa and quite frankly the entire world.

Among the
countries that colonized South Africa, the Netherlands was one of them.
Together with the language Dutch and a few other African languages, Afrikaans
was created. Afrikaans and English are the main languages in South Africa.
Namibia and South Africa is basically the only countries in the world that
speak Afrikaans, even though it was made from Dutch.

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was, for those who doesn’t know, a
system of institutionalised racial separation and discrimination that was put
in by the current government at the time. When the system was at its worst
point it dictated housing and employment opportunities by race. The Europeans
lived like kings while the native people from South Africa was basically all

Even today
there is still noticeable signs of segregation between races. It is not
perfectly equal between male and female either. The country is going in the
right direction though with its current president wanting equality, both
between races and male and female.

Among the
black South Africans, there are many different tribes and nine officially
recognised local languages. The two largest tribes are called Zulu and Xhosa
and account for nearly 40% of the population. Pedi, Tswana, Swazi, Ndebele,
Sotho, Tsonga and Venda make up the rest. The tribes have many oral traditions.
Stories, poems and epics were very important and therefore passed on through

indigenous groups in South Africa, and Africa in general are very known for
their art, dance and music, which of course has been influenced by more than
two centuries of colonialism and Christian missionaries. You can hear many
different genres of music today in South Africa, which all have a local flavour
to them. Commonly heard genres are gospel, jazz and rock. South Africa has also
incorporated indigenous sounds in styles such as kwaito (type of house music),
mbube (Zulu vocal) and kwela (jazzy street music).

is not the only art form that still has indigenous inspiration, but also art. It
has become a sort of fusion of traditional and modern. You can find a lot of inspiration
from the masks, statues and figurines of the tribal culture

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