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        Web page means a document which is to
be shown on a browser and its design must be internet user based. The crucial
aspect of a fruitful webpage design fabricates in that the designer can represents
his content in webpage and it must be understood by user very effectively. To
convey the certain information, we must design exact expressive views regarding
what we are going to convey/represent through the webpage.

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       An effective and unique expressive web
page makes the visitors/users very impactful towards it and makes it to click
or visit regularly. This paper deals with the colour, image and character
feeling in web page designing styles and studied regarding them.



File Hosting, Interaction, Responsive Webpage, WYSIWYG





        As we now Web page is a document which
is displayed on browser, and coming to the Website, it is collection of

For example:  Website is a book and Webpage is referred as
a chapter in that book.

in this universe is based on each other that means it’s nothing but an interaction.
Without this interaction, there wouldn’t be this much of progress than compared
to previous things.

For example: In olden
days, Early man only used to live only for eat but later the accidental
discovery of fire changed the entire history and it made progress towards
farming, communicating, developing weapons and tools and all after that came to

Interaction also plays major role in designing of a webpage which makes an
emotional and expressive impact towards the user/visitor.

basic web technologies, we must design an effective webpage using HTML for
Design, JavaScript for Intelligence, CSS for Beautification and PHP for making
do stuff.

For example:  Consider a car as a website




        “WYSIWYG” editor like Adobe
Dreamweaver. this sort of editor provides a visible interface for coming up
with the webpage layout and therefore the computer code mechanically generates
the corresponding hypertext mark-up language and CSS code.

        Stands for “What You See Is What
You Get,” and is pronounced “wihzeewig.” application refers to
software package that accurately represents the ultimate output throughout the
event part. to Illustrate, a publication program corresponding to Photoshop may
be an application graphics pro-gram because of it will show pictures on the
screen an equivalent method they’ll look once written on paper. Data processing
pro-grams like Microsoft Word and Apple Pages area unit each application
editors, because of they embody page layout modes that accurately show what the
documents can look once written.





        A web page might be well-thought-out as
a document tree that can include any number of branches. To recognize the
perception of a document tree, it’s beneficial to study a simple web page with
typical content features alongside its tree view, as shown in



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